Protecting Vaccine Exemptions - Promoting Informed Consent - Preserving Medical Privacy
Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Coloradan families to live healthy lives without government intervention in medical choices. We believe each parent and individual should have complete medical freedom to make informed decisions on whether to vaccinate. We believe vaccinations can cause irreparable harm in adults and children, and we encourage each family to learn the risks and make a conscious choice on what is best for them and their children.
In Colorado, students can opt out of all school-entry vaccinations. Colorado law specifically allows medical, personal, and religious exemptions. At CCVC, we aim to:
  • Raise awareness on the risks of vaccines.
  • Lobby on behalf of vaccine-choice.
  • Contribute to political candidates who support medical freedom.

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Buyer Beware: Have you been C.A.S.E.’d by your Pediatrician?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has spent a great deal of time and money on how to counter the biggest threat to herd mentality: “vaccine hesitation”. They have dedicated numerous surveys, papers, and training videos on how to teach doctors to override parents’ concerns about vaccine risks and to “persuade rather than inform”. To be clear, as indicated by the 79 references summarized by the AAP newsletter Pediatrics, September 2016, “Countering Vaccine Hesitation”, the AAP’s main effort is to persuade parents into “vaccine acceptance” rather than inform parents about the safety testing, efficacy rates, and risks of vaccines. The AAP has promoted the C.AS.E. model created by Alison Singer and developed by Pfizar, Novartis, and Merck, to provide sales scripts for pediatricians to sell vaccines to parents. Before we discuss CASE tactics, you should know that doctors have utilized valuable continuing education time to learn sales tactics. They learn how to preemptively counter vaccine hesitation by using a presumptive sales tactic rather than a participatory sales tactic. It is very subtle, and yet effective with 75% of people.

News and Events

Adams County League of Women Voters to Host CCVC Vaccine Forum

CCVC will be presenting the position that medical interventions such as vaccines should be decided by the individuals and parents, not mandated by the state. We are hoping for an authentic conversation about the issue. Other organizations have been invited, but the League of Women Voters has not yet confirmed participation by any other organization representing any other position.

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