1) Suggestions for parents who are requested by their child’s school to complete the CDPHE online or downloaded form as a condition of school attendance:

  1. Do not complete the CDPHE online exemption form; otherwise you will be complicit in acknowledging an incomplete opinion of vaccine policy and forfeit your family’s right to privacy under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  2. Use the traditional CDPHE exemption form or your own personally written statement, complete non-medical statement of exemption (religious or personal belief) with the following:
    1. To whom_(name of Nurse or administrator), school name, name of child, address and
    2. write “under authority of C.R.S. 25-4-903.B I hereby declare that my child is exempt from vaccines based on my (Personal or Religious beliefs…choose one)
    3. sign and date your statement.
  3. Submit your exemption statement to the school with an attached copy of attorney Shaun Pearman's letter. [See the column to the right ⇒] [See below ⇓]
  4. However, if your school’s administration refuses to accept your statement of exemption and you are forced to use the CDPHE unauthorized form under duress and threat of your child’s expulsion from the school, you have two choices:
    1. Refuse to sign the CDPHE form, give them a copy of attorney Shaun Pearman's and notify the school that you will engage legal action against the school, contact the local media or you will contact your State Senator and/or House District Representative to intervene on your behalf;
    2. Read and sign the August 2016 CDPHE exemption form in a peaceful respectful manner:
      1. Legibly cross out like this any sentence on the form that you do not agree with;
      2. Sign the form in the signature area with the additional comment that “I do not agree with this form because it compels me to read and understand something that is incomplete about vaccines and thereby I do not agree with”;
      3. In the signature area note that you have attached attorney Shaun Pearman's letter;
      4. Download/print copies of the WAPF Exemption Form and Pearman's letter and attach to the CDPHE form; then:
        1. Ask the School Nurse to read, initial or sign it.
        2. It is desirable though not required to ask the school Nurse or Administrator to acknowledge that they understands the parent’s point of view regarding vaccinations
        3. Attach a copy of attorney Shaun Pearman's letter to these documents.
        4. Keep a duplicate set of copies of these documents for your records.
        5. If you have any questions; contact Turn on Javascript!

2) Print this letter

Print attorney Shaun Pearman's letter to provide clarification for your school administrators. [It's a 14 page PDF].

Print this letter to provide clarification for your school administrators

3) CCVC is taking legal action against CDPHE

UPDATE 3/1/2017: The JR continues to wind its way through the judicial system.

We have been working hard this Fall to help families understand and deal with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) vaccine exemption form and process. We believe that CDPHE is in wide-ranging violation of rule making procedures and are therefore clear grounds for invalidating the rules regarding 2016 changes to the Colorado vaccine exemption process.

Therefore CCVC has taken legal action against CDPHE by submitting a Judicial Review (JR) to stop CDPHE from these unwarranted actions. Professional legal assistance will be required in order to successfully present and win our case. Thanks to your previous generous donations, CCVC presently has the funds required to retain a lawyer. Even with the 30% reduction of legal fees, we will need to raise a significant amount of money to pay for the remainder of the legal expenses.

Please donate and give what you are able. Funds will be used to defend Vaccine Choice in Colorado as the fight to preserve informed consent, vaccine exemptions and privacy in medical matters continues. CCVC is a 501(c)(4) IRS designated nonprofit. Because of its political and advocacy mission, donations are not tax deductible. CCVC’s volunteer Board collectively works hundreds of hours per month for no compensation to advance its mission to protect your right to vaccine choice.

Thank you,

Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice