Many parents and school administrators have suffered confusion and distress as a result of CDPHE's manipulative tactics that seem to have been explicitly designed to pit parents and school administrators against each other. CCVC has communicated with several school districts to clarify what the law requires to the satisfaction of both parents and schools. Concurrent with those efforts, CCVC has repeatedly sought clarification from CDPHE officials as to why they refuse to stay within the law. CDPHE continues to sow confusion and distrust.

Therefore CCVC has taken legal action against CDPHE by submitting a Judicial Review to stop CDPHE from these unwarranted actions. Professional legal assistance will be required in order to successfully present and win our case. Thanks to your previous generous donations, CCVC presently has the funds required to retain a lawyer. Even with the 30% reduction of legal fees, we will need to raise a significant amount of money to pay for the remainder of the legal expenses.

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