CCVC: Our Mission and Our Vision

Mission: “Promoting informed consent, protecting vaccine exemptions, preserving privacy in vaccine choices.”

The Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice (CCVC) initially formed in 2014 during opposition to CO HB14-1288, a bill which attempted to make it more difficult for parents to obtain vaccine exemptions. CCVC formalized as an organization during 2015 when over 100 vaccine-mandating bills were introduced across the nation. These bills threatened to remove the vital personal freedom and human right of citizens to make informed, voluntary health care decisions and to maintain the privacy of these choices.

We are a grassroots, all volunteer coalition of doctors, lawyers, parents, grandparents, health advocates and laymen who share a fiery passion to choose what goes in our bodies and the bodies of our children.

We at CCVC are neither for, nor opposed to vaccinations, but simply want to keep health care choices where they belong - in the hands of the patients and parents - and out of the hands of government and corporations.

On the state and federal level, several laws and regulations restricting medical choices are looming. Our legislators need to know that the attack on personal freedom is multi-pronged; it is directed by the pharmaceutical industry, managed through our health departments, and promoted by the media.

Vision: “Vaccine choice is a freedom that must be defended – for all citizens - free of harassment, coercion, discrimination, and sanctions.”

Your legislators NEED to hear from YOU about your concerns regarding this issue. Please do not think that someone else is doing it. We must ALL speak up!

Keep Colorado Free From Vaccine Mandates


You can donate by credit/debit card, PayPal, or Dwolla. For amounts greater than $50000, please consider opening a Dwolla account as Dwolla costs a mere 25 cents to process. You read that correctly: just a quarter.

Support CCVC's Mission

Keep up to date with CCVC's activities! You will hear from us before Colorado Legislature's session starts January 11, 2017. We will email you with requests to show up at Capitol to tell your story.